Andy McLean started his music career as a Canadian recording artist back in the bad hair decade completing two Tenants albums for C.B.S. (Sony) Records released world wide, and one Doubledare album through Current/Polygram, and was the principal songwriter and guitarist in both bands. He continues to be musician, songwriter and producer, co-writing and developing hooky guitar parts on wife Linda McLean's debut CD, "Betty's Room" released on Rounder/Europe, and it's follow up NO Language, released across North America and Europe on Canada's coolest indie label, Bongo Beat. McLean is a founding owner and the Managing Director of the NXNE Music Festival based in Toronto.

Gary Craig is a Toronto Canada based drummer/percussionist who has performed live and in the studio with many artists including Anne Murray, Bruce Cockburn, Colin Linden, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Tom Cochrane, Jann Arden, Kathleen Edwards, The Rankin Family, Jimmy Rankin, Gregory Hoskins, Jenn Grant, Stephen Fearing, Jesse Cook, Suzie Vinnick, Jason McCoy, George Canyon, The Wilkinsons, Allanah Myles, John Bottomley, Lawrence Gowan, The Kings, Eddie Schwartz, Karyn Ellis, John McDermott and Linda McLean. Endorsements: Paiste Cymbals, Ayotte Drums, Levys Leathers.

John Switzer is a Toronto based musician and independent record producer. Since 1986 he has produced gold and award winning records for Jane Siberry, and The Waltons, Andrew Cash, Rita Chiarelli, the Waltons, Nathan, Brothers Cosmoline, Leela Gilday, among many others. Switzer has also worked in film as Music Consultant and Music Director for film and theatre for Patricia Rozema, John Greyson among others. Currently his day job is Program Director and teaching music production for Seneca College's Independent Musicians Production (IMP) Program.

Linda McLean, an award winning singer songwriter, with world wide releases, Betty's Room (Rounder 2002), and No Language (Bongo Beat 2005), produced and mixed by John Whynot. (Lucinda Williams, Kathleen Edwards) McLean owns and operates Mandolin Records, the recording studio built in the forest 2 hours north of Toronto, beside the home she shares with partner Andy McLean. Linda has built a solid international reputation by touring in support of CD releases, and building critical acclaim and a loyal fan following. McLean performs and promotes concerts and workshops for established and emerging music artists. She has a professional background in theatre and teaching and a masters degree in Arts Education.

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