Betty's Room

Betty's Room
Choose That Road
Waiting for the Sky to Fall
Who Will Say
2 Steps
Monday Song
Roll Into Light
Harmony Row

At the risk of using the term "concept album", though it's not backed by the Montreal Symphony, there is a common thread running through the songs on BETTY'S ROOM. The record is a collection of songs that emerged as I was turning to face the truth about how I fit in this world. It took a lot of introspective thinking and courage to wade through the self doubt, patterned thinking that sounded like a broken tape, me telling myself over and over, "Don't be stupid, nobody cares, the world doesn't need another songwriter, stay quiet, you're too old, you're too scared..." and on and on. These messages became the tapestry I was to unravel and re-work into this CD. The recording of the songs was the culmination of my process of self-reckoning, the sifting through the narrative of stifled artist, tiny fear-based thinking, pride, ego, and the tuning into my whispering soul. I found a big home in the space that had for so long been shrouded by self-negation, through the passage of my creative longing ... singing my own songs, the revelation of my lifelong secret, my hidden scariest desire to write songs, was the most authentic, relaxed place I'd ever visited.

BETTY'S ROOM is a chronicle of sorts, personal eclipses, incremental steps to bring me home to myself, captured in these recordings. May as well admit it, it's my first record and its autobiographical! I'm standing on this ground, and I want to tell others how I came here, help them find their own way. I want to profess my human story, to tell about being in love, being a mother, giving in to sadness, fucking up, to admit to human frailty, fear, ego, pride, arrogance, struggles, striving and flying. I wanted to explose this crazy notion I have that creativity is the beginning of the revolution of the human spirit, that creative expression is the manifestation of our relationship with our true self, that the relationship is personal and universal all at once, by listening to the voice in me that brings me to the most peaceful sense of fulfillment and ease, I am saying out loud there is a god, and she is LOVE imbued with compassion. I wanted to explore where I am in here, somewhere, in the songs, among the chatter of the mysteries, to find myself gone and realized all at once. If that makes any sense, we're on a similar path.

Only a few albums reveal a different favorite track each time you listen to it. "Betty's Room" is one of those rare pearls. Whether Linda hails the moment she fell in love, drags us with her into the room of Betty Munsie or expresses her mixed feelings in raising a son, these are songs that have been lived. Linda is a singer/songwriter in the best tradition of fellow Canadian Joni Mitchell's 70's work, blessed with a lovely voice and a skilled guitar playing partner Andy. A touch of hammond , rich vocal arrangement in the choruses; the only reason not to recommend this is that I like to treasure a couple of unknown masterpieces on my CD shelves ...
Leo Blokhuis, VARA, Music Journalist

"'Betty's Room' was one of the stronger indie releases I've heard in the last few years. After listening to it the first time, I gave it another few spins before we sent the copies out across the country, and at first I thought some of the songs were cover tunes they sounded so instantly familiar. I checked the liner notes and was blown away to see every song was original. We listen to A LOT of stuff in this department, so believe me when I say yours out stood out by a mile."
Mark Rheume, CBC Music Director

Highlights from the release of Betty's Room

  • Winning the Award for Best Songwriter for 'Mandolin' at the 2003 Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards.
  • In The City, Manchester UK, showcase opening for solo show of international star Tim Booth, previously of James, in Andy's hometown.
  • London UK, Borderline gigs, first opening for delta blues steel guitar hero Chris Whitely; second opening for Norwegian punkska duo St. Thomas. Meandering Soho looking for the 12 Bar and Barry's recommended Indian noshery with the goldfish.
  • Interview with Mart Smeet, legendary Americana DJ in The Netherlands, and playing Beauty solo for the first time on national radio. Standing ovation at concert outside Amsterdam, and I was in the audience. Bicycling in Amsterdam. Passenger on the back of Hester's bike in Amsterdam. Amsterdam. Writing Amsterdam Canals my sweet sad love song to distant friends.
  • Hosting 2 annual Songwriter's Songs and Stories evenings at Huntsville Festival of the Arts and performing with great Canadian artists Stephen Fearing, Katherine Wheatley, Jian Ghomeshi and folk icon Valdy.
  • 'Who Will Say', Betty's Room, track #6, picked up by Gallaxie Satellite Radio for continual play on the Adult Alternative station. Choose That Road , track #2, added a few months later.
  • 'Monday Song', Betty's Room, track #9, picked up for television airplay on Showcase's, Queer as Folk.
  • Meeting Bert Pijpers, head of Rounder/Europe and true music lover, in Cannes and playing some tracks from Betty's Room. Bert loving the CD and deciding to release Betty's Room in 5 territories across Europe on his personal label, Me and My Records.
  • Calling the sales team at the UK Distributors, Proper Music, and finding out I was their top pick of female singer songwriters.
  • 4 star review of Betty's Room in Heaven Magazine, Belgium, among others.
  • Finding my hard working plug in and go Takamine that looks like the one Dave Matthews plays sometimes.
  • Building a studio so close to my kitchen I can carry my coffee in a real mug and wander over in my pj's.

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