New Song by Linda McLean Band

2011 P&C Mandolin Records

The 3rd song in LMB's "One Song at a Time" release is 'Rattle Your Chains', an up tempo rockable "driving with the top down" tune, (think Pretenders) where living is a choice and freedom wins.

Pure, simple recording, drums, bass, a couple of guitars, and one vocal take, no dbling or gaffer tape.

2010 P&C Mandolin Records

10 songs written and performed by Linda McLean. The songs have been acoustically tracked and recorded at Mandolin Records Studio in Muskoka, Canada. The studio is in the forest, and weather permitting, the songs have been recorded with the windows open. (click here for more info)

2005 P&C Mandolin Records

12 songs written by Linda McLean and Andy McLean. John Whynot produced and mixed the songs. The rhythm tracks were recorded at Reaction Studio in Toronto, Canada and the overdubs recorded at Mandolin Records studio. LInda McLean sang all the vocals, Andy played all the guitars, Gary Craig played drums, Maury Lafoy played bass and John Whynot played keyboards ... (click here for more info)

2002 P&C Mandolin Records

The songs were recorded at Canterbury Studio in Toronto, ON over 8 days and nights. The CD is 11 songs featuring Linda McLean on vocals, Andy McLean on guitars, Colin Barratt on bass and Gary Craig on drums. Bob Egan came in and played pedal steel and mandolin. John Whynot engineered, produced, and mixed the songs ... (click here for more info)

2001 P&C Mandolin Records

This CD is written, recorded and produced by Linda McLean and Andy McLean. The 12 songs on this CD were recorded on a Roland VS1680 in the attic studio over a period of 2 years. This CD became the demo that lead to the production of Betty's Room ... (click here for more info)

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